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Grupo Ruza

Our Services

Grupo Ruza - Transporte de Personal

Staff Transportation

With the best quality and prices of the market we offer you the security to transport your company's staff, offering you: punctuality, quality in service, logistics, plant supervisor, and 24x7x365 supervision service.

Grupo Ruza - School Transportation

School Transportation

We will transfer safely staff and students of the Educational Institutions to their school, recreational or cultural activities.

Grupo Ruza - Executive Transportation

Executive Transportation

We offer safe transport to directors, executives or artists. We will be putting at your disposal a wide variety of luxury vans for transportation to any point inside or outside the city.

Grupo Ruza - Tourist Transport

Tourist Transport

For national or international destinations, we will take you to your destination in comfort and security. We have modern units and operators trained so that your only purpose is to enjoy the trip.

Grupo Ruza

Experience and Security in Transportation of Personnel

At Grupo Ruza we are committed to offering a better service day to day for our customers and users. That is why we implemented technologies in our units that help to take better control of our times and services.

Real Time Tracking

Locate the unit and follow the path with your smartphone with our APP.

Always on Time

You can check the arrival and departure history of the units.

Video Monitoring

Units equipped with DVR that allows to review the good behavior and treatment to the user, as well as the management of the operators.

Do you have questions about our services ?

Don´t hesitate to contact us through our contact form or straight-up to our phone lines.