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Grupo Ruza

Our Operators

In Grupo Ruza we have a staff that totals more than 200 unit drivers. Each one has gone through a process of selection and training by our Human Resources department, which certifies that all our operators have:

Operadores - Grupo Ruza
  • Experience within the Business Transport.
  • General Medical Exam and Antidoping in our Convention laboratory.
  • Mandatory training before SCT or SVT.
  • No criminal record.
  • Route recon test drive of at least 3 days before assignment.
  • Plant Guidelines knowledge according to the Client's requirements.
  • On-site test drive.
  • Full Service Uniform:
    • Navy Blue Tie.
    • White shirt.
    • Marine blue pant.
    • Identification badge.
  • Rest programs for operators already in service.
  • All benefits are provided in accordance with the Law.
  • Service for eye checkups in our facilities for operators.
Do you have questions about our services ?

Don´t hesitate to contact us through our contact form or straight-up to our phone lines.