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Grupo Ruza

Service Innovation

Thanks to our many years of experience Grupo Ruza has in the personnel, school, tourism and executive transportation business, we have been able to develop technological tools that position our company at the very forefront and that no other company in this business currently offers in the market. .

Service Innovation Ruzapp - Grupo Ruza

RUZApp is a Smartphone's app developed by Ruza Group which offers several features, among which the most relevant one is to give both the user and the company an exact location of the unit on the map, a function what it entails in the following benefits:

  • Ensure the tracking of the route..
  • The user knows exactly where the transport unit is at real time.
  • Our operator is guided by the RUZApp GPS with a previously determined route.
  • For new users, it helps them to locate the route closest to their homes, providing schedules and routes in a clear and simple way.
  • La app cuenta con mensajes empresariales dirigidos a los usuarios.
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