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Grupo Ruza


At Grupo Ruza we know that we cannot guarantee not to fail, since transport is affected by external and internal factors, so that's why:

Commitment to the Client  - Grupo Ruza
  • We promise that the response time in case of Contingency will be a maximum of 20 minutes.
  • We have a Transportation Supervisor, both on the ground and on routes to verify the quality of service and passenger safety.
  • We are fully responsible for the use and handling of the vehicles and the personnel that drives them, separating the contracting company from any responsibility.
  • We have Emergency Vehicles in strategic points of the zone to cover any unforeseen issues on the route.
  • We have at least ONE emergency unit assigned to the plant in case of any setback.
  • We established operating procedures for the drivers of the vehicles in case of accident and / or emergency.
Do you have questions about our services ?

Don´t hesitate to contact us through our contact form or straight-up to our phone lines.